The Truth About Aquarius Personality – PART 3 ♒Chris Rock – Zelensky – Woke Guy – Aquarius are Liberal🙄

the truth about aquarius personality part 3 ♒chris rock zelensky woke guy aquarius are liberal🙄 sonya stars and soul
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The Truth About Aquarius Personality- PART 3 ♒ Chris Rock- President Zelensky- Woke Guy- Yoko Ono- Aquarius are Liberal🙄 The Great Reset- Age of Aquarius- Psychology Vs Stereotypes– Aquarius Personality Traits- Damien Lewis- Meg Thee Stallion- Bob Marley- Harry Styles- James Dean -Paul Newman – Alicia Keys – Ed Sheeran – Rege Jean Page – Michael B Jordan – Oprah- Ellen DeGeneres- John Travolta – Jerry Springer – Angela Davis- Rosa Parks

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**APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY – Stargazers – Our Aquarius Series was interrupted by The Ukraine Crisis ( President Zelensky is an Aquarius of course) & my First Time Out Ban on This Platform – Now with ☀♒ Aquarian CHRIS ROCK Slapped Back into the Headlines 😜 and The Brave New World – Age of Aquarius Agenda 21 Full Throttle in Aries Season – Let’s Get Back on Track – Aquarians are “Freedom Loving “Hippies & Democrats🤣

The Oldest & Coldest of the Cerebral Air Signs – Aquarius ♒ is the Electric & Eccentric Prometheus of the Zodiac- The Cool Crusader on an Idealistic Mission to Reform & Revolutionize our Socio-Political Systems with a Liberal Heart & Fixed Sign Dictatorial Zeal.

One of The Most Misunderstood Signs of The Zodiac – The So-Called – “Aquarius Personality” described by Amateur – Hour Armchair Aficionados – Pop “Astrologers” & even Aquarians themselves – Presents some of – The Worst Stereotyping & Oversimplification in the Cosmos!

In This 7 Part Series – We Smash Those STEREOTYPES & Delve Deeper into – The Aquarius Psyche –With the help of Our Favorite Aquarius Celebrities! Their Disruptive Energy & Draconian Style may detract from their Friendly Freaky Permissive Reputation – But their Fixed sign Focus, Devotion & Executive Flair are Invaluable to the Evolution & Advancement of our Species- Not to mention Energizing & Invigorating!

🍾So Let`s Celebrate & Appreciate the Innovative Egalitarian, Idealistic & Progressive Crazy- Sexy-Cool Catalysts of the Zodiac with the Heart of Gold🥂 !

Your Symbol – The Humanitarian Water Bearer Your Motto – ” I INNOVATE” Your Co-Rulers – The Rebellious, Revolutionary Cataclysmic & Stone – Cold Sky – God URANUS (Ouranos) Lord of Progress & Change & His Nemesis & Oldest Child – The Infamous SATURN aka Chronos – Ruthless Ruler of Structure – Law & Order – Discipline & TIME!

To Access UNCENSORED Videos & RECEIPTS – Home of “Real Deal” Psychological Astrology, Uncensored Cosmic Conspiracy, Unfiltered Astrolo*Tea, Astrology 4 “Black “🤎Girls, Cosmic Coaching Astrology & Agenda 2030 & The Astro*Intelligent Lifestyle!

CREDITS – Special Thanks To the Following – Check Out These Channels For More… -Yoko Ono & John Lennon – Damien Lewis -Billions – Woke GuySHOW LESS

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