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Welcome to Sonya Stars & Soul,

I’m Mrs. Sonya Roche Duncan- Veteran PSYCHOLOGICAL ASTROLOGER, Cosmic Coach, Songstress, Wife, Proud Mom & WHISTLE-BLOWER!

25 years ago I Retrained & Reinvented Myself from a Scholarly Recording Artiste to MD & Founder of Navigators Astrology Consultants. The UK`S First & Only Group Consultancy of Qualified, Certified Psychological Astrologers. We Propelled Psychological Astrology onto the Mainstream Map – Revealed The Secret Weapon of The Powerful, Rich & Famous -And made The Best Level Up Tool in The Cosmos- Accessible & Available to All- With our Pioneering International Columns & Multi-Media Promotion.

Now after a Globe-Trotting Hiatus- I`m back to do it all over again for The Social Media Age -To Rescue a New Generation of Stargazers from Sun Sign Scams & Archair Affinadoes

In True Gemini Style -It`s My MISSION to Unite My Twin Passions & Become your Expert but Entertaining COSMIC COACH!

Your Galactic GUIDE to Success in Life, Love SURVIVING The Age of AQUARIUS♒ AGENDA? & Navigating The Astro*Intelligent Life-Style!

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