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Psychological Astrology 101

Psychological Astrology is light years beyond fairground ‘fortune telling’ and is a recognized Discipline combining the language and insights of psychoanalytical. Theory with information from a symbolic inner map-Your birth chart.

An accurate useful ‘cosmic blueprint’ of you & your journey.

Unlike your ‘Star sign’ – a generalized interpretation based solely on the position of the Sun -your complete Birth Chart is a map of the heavens drawn for the exact moment & location of your birth.
Even if you share similar birth details with another, how you choose to live that potential is unique to you.

Psychological Consultations are performed Face to Face on Skype.

Our work together begins with “The Natal Interpretation” or “Sun/Moon Sign Introduction”.


Mrs.Sonya Roche-Duncan BA Hons. Professional Psychological Astrologer for 25 years – Trained in Jungian Psychoanalytic theory & Humanistic Astrology & Studied at Centre for Psychological Astrology & Faculty of Astrology, London.

As Managing Director of Navigators (1st UK group of certified Psychological Astrologers), She wrote many pioneering international columns incl. Marie Claire, Women’s Health & Heart & Soul US.

Sonya is a Western, Humanistic Astrologer specializing in Personal development, Family & Relationships & recently developed a unique specifically ‘Black Woman centric’ brand of her expertise.


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