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Libra 2022- Wedding Anniversary 26 – Sagittarius

Libra 2022- Wedding Anniversary- Sagittarius/Gemini Compatibility Synastry- Putin- Full Moon- Love♎ Libra The of Sign of Love -Partnership- Politics- Passive Aggression- Alliance- Arbitration- Negotiation- Open

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New moon Libra 2022
Cosmic Climate


New Moon Libra October 2022- Putin Ukraine- EU War- Mercury Retrograde- Autumn Equinox- Rosh Hashanah- Trump FBI- Inflation- Interest Rates- Energy Crisis- Bachelorette- CBCDAutumn Equinox

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New Moon Virgo 2022♍

New Moon Virgo 2022- Student Debt- Droughts- Death Statistics- Floods- Fauci- Food- Fuel Inflation- Shortages- Strikes- Social Credit System- Pfizer v Moderna- Rationing- Uranus Retrograde-

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