♊Solar💥 Eclipse GEMINI 2021 Propaganda & Protest Astrology

GEMINI JUNE 2021 – NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in Gemini – FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and The Gemini Season Themes of Duality, Duplicity, Conflict & Communication Came Thick & Fast!
solar eclipse gemini 2021 propaganda & protest astrology sonya stars and soul
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Both Old – Man Saturn & Mischievous Mercury Retrograde – Saturn in Draconian Aquarius Square Explosive Uranus in Stubborn Taurus – Mars in Defensive Cancer Opposition Pluto in Controlling Capricorn and The Touchy-Feely Hypocrites-R-US Jet-Fuelled G7 Summit!

Wuhan Bats Vs Bio-Weapons – A Tale of Two Capricorns, Fauci Vs Rand -Spike Protein Vs Statistics – People’s Protest Vs Distract & Divide Propaganda!

This Year Gemini Season on May 19th at 8.37 PM BST & was Supercharged by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26 & New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 10 – With Pluto, Saturn & Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter in Pisces, Mars in Leo & The 2nd Uranus /Saturn Square – Fueling a Season-long Face OFF!

This Time last year I Warned about the impending WAR of WORDS – 🎭Duality – Contrived CONFLICT – Black vs White Race War – Democrat Left vs Republican Right & Manufactured Civil War!

Free Speech Vs Censorship – Critical Thinking Vs Mind Control – Freedom of Movement Vs Mobility Mandates –Lock-Up Learning – Credible Critics Vs Controlled Opposition- Tracing, Tracking & High Tech Tattoos!

In Gemini Season 2020, Three Major Players in 2020 were Sun♊ GEMINI Spin Kings – Trump (June 14) UK Prime minister Boris Johnson (June 19) & Chinese Leader Xi Jinping (June 15)!

Gemini Season 2021- Right on Cue They’re Back in The Spotlight again – For the Customary Hegelian Dialectic, Reversal of Fortune- Sacrificial Roasting RITUAL!

Trump is being Hailed as the Messiah again, Boris is being Crucified in the British Press & China is being Courted again by RED Joe!! As predicted in UNDER A YEAR- At Warp Speed, They Brought us (Emergency Authorized & Still UN-Approved) Experimental GE-☠NE -Therapy💉- “No Jab – No Job“ Coercion & Shooting Up School Kids!

The Threat of Neo-Na-zi “Papers Please” Health “Passports” – Went Beyond “Con-piracy Kook “Rhetoric & became an Orwellian Dystopian REALITY!

For more UNCENSORED Cosmic Conspiracy & Surviving The Age of Aquarius Agenda

The Great Gaslight Graduated into a Death Match Between; – Social Media Censorship vs Expert Whistle- blowers – Silencing Vs Shed-ding & Shocking Statistics- Judgmental Kamikaze Jabbers Vs Pro-Choice Common- Sense Theorists – And The State-Sanctioned MSM somehow managed to Totally IGNORE Worldwide Million-Strong Anti-Lockdown / Vaxx-ine Marches!

During Gemini Season – that the Revealing Lunar & Solar Eclipse on the Illuminating Gemini/ Sagittarius axis lighted Our Path.

And both Saturn & Mercury Retrograde Exposed The Bamboozle, Bullying, Blackmail & Bizarre Bribery – Being deployed- to Push & Shove us into The-Not- So-Great RESET!

Now We Urgently need to THINK CRITICALLY🔎!

Strive to See Through & Past the Divide & Conquer DISTRACTION- Curated “Civil War, Family Feuds, Kovi-1984 Censorship, Matrix Style Mind Games, State-Sponsored Dis-information & Gilead Level Gaslighting! 

Summon all the Clever, Crafty Dexterity & Mental Might of Mercury🧐- To Out- Wit & Out Run The Medical Mafia & Technocrat Master Manipulators!

Keep Safe, Keep Critical & Keep It Cosmic🎆

Blessings Sonya💛


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I’m Mrs. Sonya Roche Duncan- Veteran PSYCHOLOGICAL ASTROLOGER, Songstress, Wife, Proud Mom & WHISTLE-BLOWER!

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