Blue Moon Review

Afghanistan, Haiti  & “Approval” Agenda
blue moon review sonya stars and soul
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More – Mandates Madness & Massive Worldwide Protests – Non-Compliance & Boycotts – College Crackdown Vs Concerned Parents – Employer Overreach in Overdrive-Afghanistan Aftermath Theatre – Pfizer “Approval “Agenda- Homeland Security Vs The “Hesitate“ – Radio Silence & Censorship Legislation Vs Legal Challenges – Sun Leo Celebrity Psyops!


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Firstly, Sending PRAYERS from Europe to our Friends in the USA -particularly in Louisiana & New York City – Affected by Hurricane Ida. Wishing you all Safety & Protection.

 Finally – Let`s Get into Our Blue Moon Aquarius & Last Days of Leo Season 2021 Review! 

Apologies for the 10- day Delay in Publishing this Review (recorded Aug 24th) – Technical Difficulties & Relentless Breaking News Disrupted Our Delivery System!

Leo Season Went Out with an Explosive BANG & the First Days of Virgo Magnified The Maxim – “The Devil’s in The DETAIL”

Virgo Season 2021- Began on August 22nd at 10.35 PM BST- Preceded by a Scene Stealing -Blue Full Moon in 29 º Aquarius -Conjunct Inflationary Retrograde Jupiter at 1.02 PM BST.
The Second Full Moon In The Sign of Rebellion, Revolution & The Borg!

The Sons of Satan Brought The Smoke as The Leo Lion Bowed Out- Firing Big Guns & Full-Throttle Bully Boy Tactics! 


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It’s Now Virgo Season – The Sign of Organisation & Calculated Control.

So- Research & Learn your INALIENABLE Human Rights & Support The Champions on The Front Line who are Mounting Legal Challenges & ORGANISED RESISTANCE!

Stay Tuned for Cosmic Conspiracy – New Moon Virgo – Devil’s in The Detail – “Approval” Agenda Analysis & HARP Hurricane Ida –  DECODE Coming Soon at

Get Ready, Stay Ready – May The Force Be With You


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