Full Moon Virgo-Spring Equinox 2022- Ukraine- Russia War- Putin- Sanctions- Shortages- Inflation-Oil

full moon virgo , spring equinox 2022, ukraine russia war ,putin , sactions, shortages, inflation, oil sonya stars and soul

Full Moon Virgo- Spring Equinox 2022- Ukraine- Russia War- Putin- Sanctions- Food & Fuel Shortages- Inflation- Oil & Gas- NATO- Covid 19 Restrictions & Mandates Lifted- Interest Rates- Russian Oligarchs- Bank accounts Frozen

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Full Moon 27º Virgo March 18th 2022 – Trine Powerful Pluto still Burning Down the Old Order in Governmental Capricorn- Opposite Nebulous Neptune at Home in Perplexing Pisces- Just 48 hours before The Spring Equinox start of Aries Season -The True New Year & Official beginning of Astrological 2022 –
And as PREDICTED The Cabal`s ORDER out of CHAOS Creation Goes NU-CLE-AR

At The New Moon Pisces I WARNED about The Pisces Pandemonium- Pre-Planned -Confusion & Cover- Ups -Coming Economic Collapse- CON-trolled Demolition of your Freedom, Finances, Food & Fuel- Deceit- Deception- Disillusionment & Devastating Revelations-

But within hours my Hard-Hitting New Moon Pisces Video was Blocked & Banned and I was Silenced for 7 Days.
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Home of “Real Deal” Psychological Astrology, Uncensored Cosmic Conspiracy, Unfiltered Astrolo*Tea, Astrology 4 “Black “🤎Girls, Cosmic Coaching Astrology & Agenda 2030 & The Astro*Intelligent Lifestyle!

⛔Don`t Be DISTRACTED or DECEIVED by The Last of that Premeditated Pisces Fog – Keep a Critical Eye on The Needle & Read The SMALL PRINT The Devil`s in The DETAIL

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