MARS in SCORPIO- Sacrifice, Summit & Survival
post halloween samhain 2021 v1
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g20 halloween meme
The G20 Gremlins JET into their Summit in the Scottish Samhain Heartland & FEAST on HALLOWEEN🎃🤔…hmmm
child sacrifice comp psalm 106
molech kid meme
“…And they SACRIFICED Their Sons & Daughters, To The gods of Canaan” Psalms 106-
Yes SAMHAIN the Celtic Celebration of BAPHOMET & Co was a Big Night on The Child Sacrifice Calendar!
The Beast Worshipers Celebrated The Start of Their RESET Ritual AKA ” Climate Change ” G20 Summit on October 31st- Quelle Supris ☠🔥
fda kid meme
Of Course The FDA announced Their ” Emergency ” Authorization of The Pfizer Kill-☠Shot for CHILDREN Aged 5-11- just in Time for Halloween. October 29th 2021 -The Last Working Day before Samhain, The SACRIFICE was Set up.

Halloween- 2021 -MARS in SCORPIO- Scottish Samhain Satanic G20 Summit, Child Sacrifice & Showdowns!

Once Again Hugo Talks Said it ALL. As always Our British Folk Hero – Knocked It Out of The Park in His Latest Video Above. Please Go and Show Hugo some Love at www.hugotalks.com – after I DECODE the Astrology of It All.

Scorpio Season 20221 Began at 08.57 am BST on Saturday October 23rd.

In The Face of Skyrocketing VAERS Miscarriage, Blood Clots, Heart Inflammation & Death Count-The Felonious FDA announced Their ” Emergency” Authorization of The Pfizer Kill- Shot for Children 5-11 yrs old!

After a Farcical, Cold-bloodied ” Committee Panel” recommendation on October 26th- the Federal Death Agents chose the Last working Day (October 29th) before The Samhain -Halloween Child Sacrifice Celebration to Consecrate Their Genocidal Conspiracy.

Despite a Statistical ZERO Likelihood of Children Contracting or becoming seriously ill form The Phantom (still yet to be ISOLATED) Kovi-1984 ” Virus”- In the complete absence of any Legitimate Clinical Trials with NO long Term Safety Data and in Direct Defiance of World Renown Noble-Laureate Experts in The Field!

Meanwhile The G20 Cabal FLEW into Their Satanic SAMHAIN SUMMIT by Fuel Guzzling, “Carbon Emitting” JET –

Then Proceeded to Feast ( probably on Prime Non-GMO MEAT) at Scottish Halloween -Whilst Preaching ” Climate Change & Food/ Fuel SHORTAGES to We lowly Peasants-


As Usual The Sons of Satan AKA SATURN Synchronize Their Shenanigans to The BIG CLOCK in SKY!

October 31st- Celtic SAMHAIN-The Veil Between Realms is Lifted –

The Sons & Daughters of Saturn (Satan) SACRIFICE and The Righteous Put on “The Whole Armour Of God”

This Epic Power Struggle between The People & The Rulers of This World ( Powers & Principalities) Galvanized in Scorpio Season 2020- is about to Go Nuclear !


May The Force Be with You!

P.S Thank you All For your Patience & continued Support. Im Recovering from Burn- Out & a Vicious Virgo Season Spiritual Attack, frantically Playing Catch Up.

The Long Overdue Virgo Season Medical Dictatorship Decode Series & Libra Season Lawsuits & Alliance Expose UNCENSORED -are On Their Way-as I steadily Get My Mojo Back in my Beloved Regenerative Scorpio Season

Keep It Cosmic

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