LEO 2021 Drama & Dictatorship

Mandates Vs Mass Protest
leo 2021 drama & dictatorship sonya stars & soul

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We Launched this New Platform under The New Moon at 16º of Leo, which landed Bang on My Leo MC, the most Elevated point in my personal Birth Map – So Thanks for the Shine & for your Support Stargazers!

Let’s Get into Leo Season 2021, which truly qualifies as – (to quote deposed Sun Leo Reality King- Chris Harrison) “The Most Dramatic Season Ever”

Mandates, Masks 2.1, Military Madness & Worldwide Mass Protests – Propaganda in Plain Sight, PCR Recall – 12+ & Teenage Jab Tsunami, Dodgy Data Deception, Demonization of The Dissenting UN-JABBED & Global Dictatorship on Steroids – Distraction Sex Scandal Drama, Kovi-1984 “Isolate” Identity Crisis – MK-Ultra Olympics Psyop & Obama-Hypocrisy-Gate- Worldwide Wildfires, HAARP Weather Weaponry & The Climate Change Circus of The Century-

All the Above even Before we reached the Half-way Mark!!

**Breaking – August 13th The CABAL Revved Up Their Cancer Season COLD War PSYOP & just Exploded into a Leonian HOT War THEATRE Production in AFGHANISTAN – to Distract from – The Demonstrations & Push-Back against Their Draconian Power Play!! 

Leo August 2021 Zodiac Season- Began on July 23rd at 04.26 AM BST, detonated by a Buck Full Moon in Aquarius at 09.53 am – Millions Strong World Freedom Day Protests on July 24th -and Jupiter Retrograde back into Pisces on the 28th – making an incendiary opposition to Mars on July 29th

The New Moon at 16º Leo ♌ – opposite Saturn Retrograde, Square Explosive Uranus & Trine Chiron – Heated up Agenda 2030 on August 9th and Sovereignty / Rights of The Individual Vs The 4th industrial Revolution & The Great Reset- Battling The Borg round 2 is ON

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Last Year during Round 1 of The Lion King vs The Sons of Saturn – I predicted “Second Wave” Sanctions Versus Leonian♌ Personal Sovereignty – MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP Vs PERSONAL CHOICE!

Draconian Collectivism Vs Rights of The Individual – Cancel Culture Vs Personal Expression- Distraction Drama Vs Discernment

And Leo 2020 did not Disappoint – August 2020 – was filled with Financial Shockwaves, Fireworks & Political Skirmishes- Explosions, Floods, Locusts, Extreme Weather & Food Shortages!

This Year The Totalitarian End Game is in Sight & The Rebellion has reached Critical Mass!

As Always, The Sons & Daughters of Saturn (Satan, Set, Baphomet) Synchronize Their Transhumanist, Technocratic Shenanigans to The Big Clock in the Sky –

In this Review, We Go All The Way UNCENSORED into The Leo Season Leg of The Age of Aquarius Agenda – with RECEIPTS from Truthers & Champions (and even “Authorized” Agents)- from Across

The Flat -Earth – Full Resource Videos listed Below

BRAVE NEW WORLD, Biden`s Jab -Army & The Military Worldwide Are Knocking On Your Door Stargazers!  We Are Out Of Time- Without A Moment to Lose-

Manifest The HERO within- Lend your Spirit to The Rebellion in your Own Way – Whenever You Can -Wherever You Are!

And Remember -Mighty Mercury, Enters Virgo on Aug 12th -joining People’s Champion Mars & Strategic Venus in The Sign of Organisation & Calculated Control.

It’s Time to Temper that Leonian Passion. Don’t Bite The Bait – Resist The Temptation to Rage, Roar & Spring Wildly into War- Domestic, Civil or Otherwise. Research & Learn your INALIENABLE Human Rights, Support The Champions on The Front Line who are Mounting Legal Challenges & ORGANISED RESISTANCE Everywhere!

The Sons of Saturn (Sat-an) are Coming Full Circle with The Technocracy Take Over Initialized under The New Moon Aquarius Back in February & It’s Time To RESET The REVO-LUTION!

Get Ready, Stay Ready – May The Force Be With You


Keep It Cosmic


https://youtu.be/EhlGC4EZ4Is – Don Lemon on CNN

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