New Moon 🌙♋ Cancer July 2021

new moon cancer july 2021 sonya stars & soul
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New Moon Cancer July 2021- Cyber Polygon- Haiti Assassination- Biden Home Invasion, Britney`s Billions -Bill Cosby Circus  -Delta “Vari-ant” & Princess Diana. 

World War V The Home Front – Fight 4 Family Finances & Freedom Round II Heats Up!
This Year Summer Solstice & Cancer ♋Season 2021 Began on June 21 at 04.32 AM BST & was Ignited by The Full Moon 🌕♑Capricorn on June 26th.

Featuring – The Explosive Aftershock of the Earth-Shaking Demolishing- Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus Face-Off 💥! – Both Jupiter & Neptune in Illusionary, Delusionary, Deceptive, Watery & Chaotic Pisces Turning RETROGRADE – Mercury Going DIRECT – Venus in Family Friendly Cancer Opposition Pluto in Corporate Capricorn.

And of Course Mighty Mars in Fiery Leo Opposite Saturn in Cool Aquarius & Squaring Up to Uranus in Tenacious Taurus.

As Predicted The Cancer Themes came Thick & Fast- Parents & Protests Vs Propaganda & Passports- Back-Peddling. Confusing & Conflicting News from The WHO.

Biden’s Jab-Checkers Planning to Door to Door Home Invasion 😲 – Draconian Invasive Legislation Stealthily Set in Motion in Spain, UK, Australia & Worldwide!

Miami Apartments “Mysteriously” Vaporised – German Homes Washed Away & Worldwide Floods!
And Most Alarming of All – The Biggest Push To Come for Our Children in Modern History!!

The Four “F’s” associated with The Cancer/ Capricorn Polarity -Fuel-Food-Finance-Family & Home – Came Under Full Throttle Attack!

All Under The Smoke Screen of Cancer Celebrity Psyops, (Cosby, Britney`s Billions, Branson in “Space”) The Cyber Polygon “Simulation” – The Tribalist European Cup Soccer Sideshow & Summer Solstice Cardinal Sign Sacrifices.

Klaus & His Cronies Continued to Try and Threaten Us into Globalist RESET with an even
“Deadlier” “Virus” aka The CYBER Variant.

And Sailed full Speed ahead with Their -Land-Grabbing, Disenfranchising, Small Business Crushing (Directed Energy Weaponry / HAARP Induced) “CLIMATE CHANGE” – Great GASLIGHT Agenda! 

All of Europe was DISTRACTED From The UN-Constitutional Construction of Digital Alcatraz by The FOOTBALL –
And The UK even threw in some Old School, False Flag RACE BAITING (Mysterious Disappearing Racist Tweets) to Usher in their New Stealth Silencing – Social Media Big Brother Watch Dog Legislation!

UK Health Secretary Libra Matt Hancock was Sacked & Served up with a Nice Chianti – After a ludicrously Staged Mask-Less, Non-Socially Distanced Adulterous Tryst (Up against a MASONIC- Style Brick Wall– lol ) Was Somehow Snapped & Leaked!!! 

Aries Super Sprinter Sha’carri – Was Shopped For “Smoking” while Sporting Masonic ORANGE Tresses & giving us the Old Finger to the lips “Silence Symbol” lol! AKA She Was Subject to the Obligatory Masonic Humiliation Ritual before She gets permission to Soar!

For more UNCENSORED Astrolo-TEA & Astrology 4 Black Girls

Capricorn Fall Guy Fake Fauci was Roasted By Fellow Goat Rand Paul ( Reigning King of The Controlled Opposition) !
And as The Piece Resistance – Solstice Sacrifice Par Excellence – Vaxx-ine Hesitate, Sun Cancer Haiti President Jovenel Moise, was Assassinated AT HOME a Week Before His Birthday!

For more UNCENSORED Cosmic Conspiracy & Surviving The Age of Aquarius Agenda

Keep Your Eye🔎 on The Needle💉 – Your Inalienable Rights in Mind & Your CHILDREN CLOSE – ⛔


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