Spring Equinox 2022- Aries 2022 – International Astrology Day- New Moon Aries April 1-Full Moon♎

spring equinox 2022 aries 2022 international astrology day new moon aries april 1 full moon♎ sonya stars and soul

ARIES♈ 2022- SPRING EQUINOX 2022 -Astrological New Year 2022- International Astrology Day- NEW MOON Aries April 1st – FULL MOON in Libra April 16th -This Year Aries Season & the Real Start of 2022 -Began on March 20th at 16.33 PM GMT –

World War V- Phase 3💥 -WAR on HUMANITY The Great RE🤖SET Military Campaign Goes Full Throttle- Happy New Year – HOLD THE LINE

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Just 48 hours after Pisces Season- Smoke & Mirrors Reached A Peak- at The Full Moon in Virgo -The Spirit of The Ram is Summoned –
We Must March Out of the Messy, Manipulative, Passive Pisces ♓Phase – And Mobilize Our DEFENSES-
As We Move into The Decisive, Devastating CONJUNCTION of -Jupiter (Divine Justice) & Neptune (Disintegration)

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Happy Solar☀ Return Awesome Aries- The Pioneering, Inspiring Assertive & Courageous Celestial Champions of The Zodiac 🥂
GO RAMS ! We’ll Need ALL the Assertive courageous Energy of Warrior God Ares -to Fight for SURVIVAL!

BORN ON THE CUSP? NO such thing! The SUN SIMPLY CANNOT be in TWO places at once- Not sure if you´re a Fish or a Ram?

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Welcome To 2022 Keep Safe & Keep It Cosmic🎆

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