Queen Elizabeth Astrology – King Charles – Full Moon Pisces- 9/11-Mercury Retrograde- New World Order

EU- Energy Crisis- Inflation- Putin- Russia- Central Bank Digital Currency – Queen`s Funeral- Prince Andrew- Prince Harry & Meghan – 70 Years Reign
queen elizabeth astrology king charles full moon pisces 9:11 mercury retrograde new world order sonya stars and soul

The Death of The Longest Serving British Monarch- Queen Elizabeth II, Aged 96
Was Announced at 6.30 PM on 8th September 2022, During VOID of Course Moon ; 48 hours after appointing New UK Prime minister- Liz Truss –
24 hours before Mercury Retrograde –
48 hours before Full Moon in Pisces-
72 hours Before 9/11
During a Global Health , Food ,Fuel, Inflation , Financial Crisis ; Worldwide Introduction of CBCD (Central Bank Digital Currency) & The USA PLUTO Return

HRH was Sun Taurus ♉ Moon Leo♌ Capricorn♑ Rising ; Transits to Her Natal Chart Included Saturn conjunct Natal Mars & Jupiter Opposite Neptune and Pluto Square Chiron
HRH is Succeeded by Eldest Son , King Charles III ,Sun Scorpio ♏ Ecologist & World Economic Forum Member.
Her Passing Symbolizes The END of Empire & The Old Order and The Official Inauguration of
The Age of Aquarius “New World Order”☠

As Predicted, The CONTROLLED Collapse of the World as We Know It; Was TRIGGERED
Back in March 2022- Pisces ♓ Season under The Apocalyptic Jupiter/Conjunction & New Moon in Pisces🎬 https://www.bitchute.com/video/bsArZTDk6m4/

It All Came to Fruition – Under The Full Moon in PISCES exactly 6 months later.
Get Ready

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