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Ukraine- Russia War- Zelensky- Putin- EU & UN Sanctions Astrology- FOOD & FUEL Inflation- New Moon Pisces– Jupiter / Neptune Conjunction- Covid Restrictions- Frozen Bank accounts- Biden State of Union- Planned Chaos & Collapse- Wag The Dog False Flags- US Truckers & Farmers Freedom Convoy

New Moon Pisces- New World ORDER Out of CHAOS & COLLAPSE – March 2022 Astrology DECODE

The Real Meaning of 22022022- Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces and The Ukraine Phony War Worldwide Fall Out- As Predicted- The Globalists are Going For Gold during The Great Gaslight Pisces Season 2022 It`s The Astrological End of 2021 & The Sons of Satan are Bringing The Smoke & Mirrors as They Smash Us into Economic Collapse & The Not-So-Great RESET

Our Thoughts are with The INNOCENT Caught in The False Flag Cross-Fire- Tragically -There are Always Real-World Casualties -Even of Phony- War & PSYOPS – Sending PRAYERS- For The Deceived & Dislocated

⛔WARNING- While Everyone is Distressed & Distracted- By Wag The Dog Ukraine- The CABAL are quietly Colluding & Conspiring- Cooking Up- Worldwide Chaos & Confusion

With a Side – Order of Civil War – Supply -Chain Shutdowns – Starvation – Social Credit System- Global Digital Currency Genetic Engineering & Cyber-Polygon – Food & Fuel Shortages- Epic Economic Collapse & Power Outages- To be Served Cold- As Jupiter & Neptune Collide – This Pisces Season

And of course, Famous Mutable Sun Sign Puppets- Pisces- Virgo- Gemini & Sagittarius- Have been Commissioned to Front Their Seasonal PSYOPS & Create a Distraction

Queue The DECOYS- Pisces- Russian Foreign Minister – Sergei Lavrov & Rhianna- Opposite Sign Geminis Boris- Trump & Chancellor Scholz- Have Taken Centre Stage – With Guest Stars- Ursula Von der Leyen & Sun Virgo Ron De Santis- And more to Come-

Home of “Real Deal” Psychological Astrology, Uncensored Cosmic Conspiracy, Unfiltered Astrolo*Tea, Astrology 4 “Black “🤎Girls, Cosmic Coaching Astrology & Agenda 2030 & The Astro*Intelligent Lifestyle! DO NOT COMPLY ✊🏽 Keep Safe and Keep It Cosmic🎆

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