Aries Season 2021- Cosmic Climate & Explore your Personal Prospects this year

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The Yearly Forecast (90 minutes)

This foundational Forecast consultation is a holistic overview of the year ahead.
Using the symbolic, multi-dimensional information derived from planetary movements (Transits) in relation to your complete Birth Map, combined with your subjective experiences and personal history. 

We explore your prospects over the coming months-which can manifest on psychological, physical or spiritual levels, in the context of larger life cycles.
With emphasis on putting the current issues, opportunities, themes & phases in perspective as part of a continuously unfolding growth process. 

The aim of this consultation is not to make ‘predictions ‘or fortune-telling; rather we are concerned with gaining insight, foresight, and hindsight into and becoming synchronised with (go with the flow- not against the tide); the energies and lessons specific to a particular stage in your journey.

‘To everything, there is a season’ When should I push for my big break at work? Is this a good time to commit or am I vulnerable to repeating toxic patterns?

The Relating Profile & Forecast (90 minutes)

A specific in-depth analysis of your Birth Map focused on your capacity to RELATE, primarily in romantic/ sexual partnerships.

With emphasis on who you are in a relationship and revealing your core relationship needs & wants. We explore how you attract others and who/ what you are attracted to; your subconscious shadow side, self-worth, assets, values, patterns of relating (for example, Co-dependence, Love Triangles), and of course your attitude to sex and intimacy. The aim of this consultation is not to give you a laundry list of the most compatible Sun signs but rather to provide insights and guidance toward more healthy and fulfilling relationships via the ’know thyself’ philosophy.

In addition, we will highlight and examine the prospective nature and timing of any upcoming significant relationship issues, experiences and developments symbolised for you over the next few years.

The Relationship Profile and Forecast (90 minutes)

A Holistic comparison of the respective Birth Maps of yourself and another individual, in any kind of personal relationship (except Parental which is designated as The Parental Profile); combined with the information gained from a theoretical third Birth- chart known as a Midpoint Composite chart

This third Map is derived from both sets of data and interpreted as an ‘independent’ entity with a ‘nature’, objective purpose and timing of its own. The aim of this consultation is not to predict the ‘fate’ of a particular relationship or decide if it will or will not ‘work’. The goal is to explore and offer insight into the most important themes and lessons of the union; major differences/ similarities, mutual factors, and shared issues.

Also to gain Perspective on the ’meaning’- Raison D’etre or purpose of the union and highlight areas of potential strength/solidarity or toxicity and conflict. We consider the effect and impact you have on each other and your environment and offer guidance on how best to navigate the relationship for your personal well-being.

In addition, we will highlight and examine the prospective nature and timing of any upcoming significant issues, experiences, and developments symbolised for you together over the next few years.

Aries Psychology 101

Aries Keywords Independence, Assertion, Competition & Winning

With Venus in fiery firstborn Aries relating is primarily a matter of inspiration, challenge, and self-realisation. You value recognition and freedom of expression above all else. Independent, rebellious, and enthusiastic, you are attracted to lively energetic, dynamic people.

Especially those who motivate you towards bigger conquests and appreciate your creativity and leadership skills. Similarly, you attract others by displaying these same qualities and you can sweep a lover of their feet with your ardour, honesty, and inspiring courage. Conventional or routine sex is a real turn-off and your sense of adventure must be stimulated before you come alive and unleash your insatiable appetite.

Once roused you’re explosively erotic, but your passions can be too readily cooled by triumph especially if your Sun sign is also Aries. No matter how bouncy, confident and self-sufficient you prefer to appear; you’re deeply sensitive to the opinion of others and require masses of reassurance and attention.

Your ideal partner should be sharp enough to keep up with your frantic pace, yet compassionate enough to make you feel that you’re always first and best. For the Venus in Aries man mending the chinks in your armour is his favourite part of loving his exhilarating Amazon-woman.

Your enthusiasm is refreshing, but if undisciplined your zeal can lead to counterproductive conflict or destructive recklessness. Often impatient and wilful, although you are sincere and kind deep down; you can inadvertently hurt others by becoming arrogant, insensitive or domineering.

If ignored, or frustrated, at worst, you can become bitchy or volatile. However behind, all the strutting lies a truly romantic and idealistic soul, longing to be a hero. You can astonish your lover with your fierce devotion and unexpected personal sacrifices.

Provided you can avoid turning love into a conquest or a competitive sport you can be one of the most loyal and exciting lovers anyone could wish for. When it comes to money you’re a real entrepreneur but you need to calculate your risks more carefully and curb your tendency to lean on the resources of loved ones for funding, especially if you’re a Sun Aries.

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