What is Psychological Astrology?

Sun, Moon, Rising Signs Psycho-Analysis & More Personal Natal Interpretation 101- Exploring You !

Psychological Astrology is Light years beyond fairground ‘fortune telling’ and is a complex recognised Discipline – that combines the language and insights of Modern Depth Psychology with information gained from a symbolic inner map –Your birth chart

To form an accurate useful ‘Cosmic Blueprint’ of you and your journey. Unlike your ‘Star sign’ which is a generalised interpretation based solely on the position of the Sun when you were born-your complete Birth Chart is a complete map of the heavens drawn for the exact moment & location of your birth.

It is unique; because even if you share similar birth details with another, how you choose to live that potential is unique to you.

Mrs. Sonya Roche-Duncan, holds a UK Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Humanities and has been a Professional Psychological Astrologer & Member of The Astrological Association of Great Britain for over 25 years.

She is trained in Psychosynthesis & Transactional Analysis & combining Jungian Psychoanalytic theory & Humanistic Astrology Practice. She Studied Psychological Astrology for 5 years under the renowned Dr. Liz Greene at the CPA (Centre for Psychological Astrology), The Faculty of Astrological Studies & The Astrological Lodge of London – London, England.

As the Founder and Managing Director of Navigators Astrology Consultants Ltd Britain’s first professional group practice of Certified Psychological Astrologers.

Sonya wrote many pioneering columns for international publications including Marie Claire UK, Women’s Health, and Heart & Soul US.

She was recently inspired to return from semi-retirement to offer a pioneering specifically ‘Sista-centric’ Brand of her expertise to the – ‘Levelling Up’ tool kit of her fellow Sovereign Sistas.

We’re all familiar with our Sun sign or ‘Star Sign’ which in Psychological Astrology is not a set pattern of behaviour; but rather describes your conscious goals (Prime Directive) and the qualities & archetype you identify with, aspire to, and strive towards. Basically what you want –  Who you want to be and my opinion – Who you are on the Hero’s Journey toward BECOMING.

However, not many of us know our Moon sign, which describes our Emotional Nature required Fuel, Feelings, instinctual behaviour, unconscious private side, and Past.

Essentially what you Need and the qualities & attributes you already Possess, Mastered & Manifest.
Both these placements are equally important factors in your complete Birth Map.
Which is a map of the entire heavens drawn from the exact moment and location of your birth

Although a full personal exploration of your Birth Map and the unique way you choose to live it’s potential is invaluable; an examination of your personal Sun/ Moon combination which along with your Rising Sign or Ascendant form the ‘ bedrock’ of your map. And can still provide a fascinating outline of your basic mental and emotional make-up.

Your Rising Sign (Ascendant) precisely calculated from your exact time of Birth offers a more specific insight into your Outer Personality, obvious characteristics, mannerisms, approach & initial attitude & First impression. Hence the irritating futility of asking a Professional Astrologer to “Guess my Sign” lol!

Your Rising Sign Modifies the Expression of your core wants, needs & mental outlook.
It can also describe your childhood environment, Birth Experience & consequently the way you start new ventures, project yourself into the World & choose to appear.

The Ascendant is a kind of Lens through which you Filter or view your life experiences- The Mask you adopt to meet the world. The Front Door that may or may not reflect your true nature.

With considerations for Tribal Phenotype & Hereditary factors your Rising Sign can also describe your Physical Appearance to an extent.
A proper Holistic understanding of your Ascendant provides invaluable insight into resolving any dilemmas between what you actually want & the manner in which you pursue & express those desires.

Sun Sign / Moon Sign Introduction (30 minute)

In this Taster mini Consultation- we begin our Journey into Psychological Astrology with consideration of your Sun / Moon Sign combination from a psychological perspective. 

Holistic analysis of the Luminaries as an inseparable pair, like thought and feeling; yields important insights into apparent contradictions or personal conflict & can launch you on the path to find the balance between your wants and needs,so vital to your well-being.

Although preferable, an accurate Birth time is not strictly essential for this introduction (unless you were born on a day when either the Sun or Moon were changing signs).

Explore your Sun Sign / Moon Sign combination – NOW

The Natal interpretation (90 minutes)

Who Am I ?  The Natal Interpretation is the foundational analysis in Psychological Astrology. A Holistic overview of your complete Birth Map.
Exploring your inherent conscious and subconscious (Shadow) nature and essential personal wants and needs. Revealing your strengths, challenges, skills, potential and interface with the world.

The aim of this consultation is not to fatalistically dictate who you must be, even if you share similar birth details with another, how you choose to live that symbolic potential is unique to you

We seek to take you beyond Self-Image and offer perspective and guidance toward Becoming your Best self. 
To provide insight into the major issues & themes central to your life; your ultimate goal / purpose (Prime Directive) and help you navigate the journey toward Individuation &  Self-realisation, Psycho-Synthesis (integration /wholeness) and true Sovereignty.

*Please note an accurate (within 1 hour) Birth Time is required for The Natal Interpretation consultation. The time of birth is normally recorded on US Birth Certificates. 
If this is unavailable to you, please ask your Mother or anyone present at your birth and check any Baby books or health records your family may have retained.

You can also apply to the Hospital of your birth (or wherever the records from that hospital are currently archived) for your birth time. Most hospitals will provide the information for a small fee. 
If none of these options are available to you please book a Rectification service.

Birth Time RECTIFICATION Service (30 minutes)

The Birth time RECTIFICATION* Service – is a method of calculating a workable estimated time of birth; using a combination of specialist software and the historical information you provide.
If you are unable to acquire a birth time accurate within 30 minutes by any other means, this service can be used as a final recourse.
The Rectification Interview is 30 minutes and costs $40.

*Please note that The Natal Interpretation consultation is essential and foundational. It is a mandatory consultation that must be performed before requesting any of the other 90 minute consultations.

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